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How to import images

Last Updated: Dec 13, 2016 04:48PM EST

You can import images along with your item import.   In order to import images, you must include the images' file names in the Item Image column (Please see our template).  If the image's file name is polarbear.jpg, then you would include that in the Item Image column for that specific item.  You must include the file extension (jpg, gif, or png) with the file name.

You can include an unlimited number of images for each item.  To do that, include a double colon ("::" without the quotation marks) between each of the image file names in the Item Image column.

Next you need to zip all of the image files together in one zip file.  See How to Create a Zip file.

Then to import the images with your items, go to Items > Import Items.  Upload the spreadsheet in the first field and the zip file in the second field on that page.

Make sure your images fit our Image Requirements.

Image won't upload? See Image Help.

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