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Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014 01:20PM EST

Here is a list of some issues that can come up with images and how to fix them!  In most cases, image issues can be fixed with an image editing program.   There are many image editing programs available, some of which are free.  One of the free programs we’re familiar with is Irfanview.  To learn more about Irfanview and to download it, go to

The image won’t upload but it’s a jpg. In many cases, this is because the image’s color mode was set to CMYK, which is intended for print use.  To upload, it will need to be set to RGB, which is for web use.  If you’re using Irfanview, this can easily be fixed by saving a new copy of the image and uploading the new file.

The image is sideways after it’s uploaded. .This happens with pictures taken with mobile devices and has to do with a setting on the phone. There isn’t a way to edit or rotate images once they’re uploaded, so you will need to fix this by opening the original image file. In most cases, this can be fixed by saving a new copy of the image and uploading the new version.

After it’s uploaded, the image has a line running through it. This happens in many cases where the image file is larger than 1MB.  The recommended file size for images is smaller than 1MB.  To correct this, open the original image,  reduce the dimensions and/or lower the resolution (to less than 72 dpi).

Additional tips:

  • The accepted formats for images are jpg, gif, and png.  Other formats, such as docx, pdf, or bmp, will not work.
  • Keep the file name simple. We recommend using just letters and not including any spaces or characters (for example bluehandbag.jpg instead of blue handbag (1).jpg). 
  • Our system won’t accept file names with extra characters such as [, }, @, #, etc.
  • For more image requirements, please see the following article: What are the image size and format requirements?
  • For banner-specific information, please see the following article:  Why doesn’t my banner stretch across the home page?


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