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Why didn't I receive my Test Email?

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014 03:50PM EST

There are several different reasons why your email test sends may not reach you.


Personal Spam filtering:
First, check your junk mail or spam folder. In many cases where a client doesn't receive a test e-mail, it is because their personal email security settings are very high. Most email programs and services have an option to make any email address an 'Approved Sender'. The name of this function may vary from program to program, but 'Approved Sender' is one of the most common. Some programs simplify the process by 'approving' anyone you add to your Address Book. People who are not receiving your email can be instructed to add your auction emails to their Approved Senders list or Address Book. The address that needs to be approved will be the first part of your auction URL ''. For example, if your URL is , then the email address of your auction will be: If someone adds to their Approved Sender list or Address Book, they will be much more likely to successfully receive your emails.

Network-wide Spam filtering:
The other possibility is that your organization's spam filter is blocking the email. In this case you should talk to someone in your IT department to see if cMarket system emails are being blocked. Your mail server administrator can 'whitelist' your auction email address. Whitelisting will help your emails to bypass any network-wide Spam Filtering in place. Again, the address to be whitelisted will be the first part of your auction URL '' (e.g.:

You are Unsubscribed:
Although this is fairly rare, it is possible for this to happen. You may have previously - and perhaps accidentally - unsubscribed yourself from your own auction email list. To see if someone (including yourself) is unsubscribed, do the following:

  1. Email > Manage Lists
  2. Scroll down to Find An Email address and enter in your address
  3. Click on the address link that comes up;
  4. Scroll down to see if the address is "unsubscribed";
  5. You can change their status to "subscribed."
  6. Click Save. The address in question should then be able to receive the emails.

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