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How to Transition an Online Auction to a Live Event

Last Updated: Nov 12, 2014 11:45AM EST



  • It is best to set your close date for the online portion at least a day or two before your live event.
  • Make sure the items going to your live event have the bidding type of Online to Bid Sheet (in each item’s Pricing details section)
  • If you are having absentee bidding make sure the Absentee Bidding Option is checked off under Event > Event Dates. Learn more about absentee bidding.


After Online Auction has closed:


  • If you're having absentee bidding download the Absentee Bidders Report from the Reports tab and/or the Absentee Bid sheets for volunteers from Event > Print Materials > Absentee Bid Sheets.
  • If you're having a traditional silent auction print out bid sheets from Event > Print Materials > Bid Sheets.


What to do during your Traditional Silent Auction:


You and/or your volunteers should keep track of the absentee bidders:


  • If you are having a traditional silent auction, give your volunteers the absentee bid sheets so they can keep track where the bidding should be.
  • If you are having a gaveled auction, the absentee bidding can be taken care of by one volunteer.


IMPORTANT: The volunteers will have to make sure they are updating the bids for the absentee bidders as other bids are placed and until they have reached the absentee bidder’s max bid.


After your Traditional Silent Auction, you will need to close the Online to Live Items:


For items won by absentee bidders:


  1. Go to Close Out > Award Items and go to the item and click Select Winner.
  2. In the Type of Winner drop down select Online, their information will automatically come up and all you need to do is enter is the correct amount that you are selling the item for.
  3. Click Award.


For items won by live bidders that you have collected payment for:


  1. Go to Close Out > Award Items, scroll to the item, and click on the Select Winner link.
  2. In the Type of Winner pull down menu, select Sell without Assigning, enter how much the item sold for at the event.
  3. Click Award.


For items won by live bidders whose payment you wish to process using your selected payment processing method (under Event > Payment Processing)


  1. Go to Close Out > Award Items, scroll to the item, and click on the Select Winner link.
  2. When selecting the type of winner select Offline and then click on Add Offline Bidder. On that page, complete the form with the bidder’s information, including their card, and click Add Offline Bidder. 
  3. Then go back to the item and start typing in their name in the Offline Bidder field.  There information will come up at that point. 
  4. Enter in the amount the item sold for and click Award.


Once this is done, go to Close Out > Process Payments to confirm the purchases.

You can also find step by step instructions with videos here: Close Out Steps - For Online to Bid Sheet Auctions


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