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How to Send or Schedule an Email (Steps & Video 1:33)

Last Updated: Aug 07, 2015 11:57AM EST

This article covers how to send or schedule an email.

See How to Create an Email Message and How to Import Lists before you get ready to send a message.

How to Send or Schedule an Email

Written instructions below.




  1. In the Choose Message to Send section, click to select a message from the Email Messages drop-down menu.
  2. Then click to select an email list from the Email Lists scroll-down window
    • To select more than one email list, hold the Control key as you click each email list name in the selection box.
    • To send the email to Auction Participants, click to select the Include Auction Participants box.
    • To send the email to interested persons, click to select the Include Interested Persons box.
  3. In addition to sending emails to the lists you've imported, you can also send emails to Auction Participants and Interested Persons, both of which are compiled as your auction progresses
    • Auction Participant: An auction participant is anyone who has registered to join your online auction. This also includes donors who have registered while using the Donate Items feature.
    • Interested Person: An Interested Person is anyone who has signed up through the Email Updates feature, sent a Refer Friends or Email This Page email, or was the recipient of a Refer Friends or Email This Page email and opted in to receive emails about your auction.)
  4. Select Date and Time' section you will have the choice to 'Send Now' or 'Schedule Send' of your email message.
    Note: The 'Schedule Send' option will send the current version of the email as of the time you schedule it. Please complete all your edits before you schedule the email to send as later changes will not appear on this send
  5. Then click Next. You will be taken to the 'Send Email: Confirm Email to Send' page, where information on the email being sent and the list(s) you selected will appear.
  6. Click Confirm to send. Click the Cancel button to return to the 'Send Email Message' page.

    If you choose to email more than one list at a time,  the system will scrub the list before sending to ensure that bidders do not receive duplicates. Our email servers will make sure that each email address only gets a message one time per send, even if an email is on multiple lists.

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