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Last Updated: Jan 11, 2017 09:15AM EST
Below you will find our most recent resources to use if you are doing a Mobile Bidding Event.

Mobile Bidding capability (the ability to bid through a mobile device, like a smart phone) is already automatically enabled for all online auctions.  Anyone who goes to an online auction on their smart phone will be taken to the mobile-optimized version.  The following resources are only for those who are using Mobile Bidding for bidding at an actual in-person event.

PLEASE NOTE:  We highly recommend that you reach out to BiddingForGood Client Services - if you have not done so already - to discuss your mobile plans with us.  We offer night-of-event support that can be extremely valuable in running a successful event and the support must be booked at least 30 days in advance.  If you do not get support for your event you are completely liable for any issues that may arise.  Even if you do not want support we still recommend contacting us so that we can note it in our records. (Email Client Services at

Assessing Your Venue

Mobile Venue Selection Checklist (Admins) - Mobile Bidding takes place over an internet connection.  Some people can use their phone plan's data, but when you go inside or out in a remote area - the data is less reliable.  Also, one carrier's users may have better connection than another's and that does not make for a even playing/bidding field.  That is why you want good WIFI available for people to jump on - that way everyone has the same, secure connection.  See the Checklist to make sure your venue will be able to provide a solid connection for your guests in both quality and the number of devices that can comfortably connect.  If your subscription includes support or if you would like to purchase support for your event - we will review and provide feedback on your venue's connectivity.  See contact information above.

Preparing Yourself and Your Team for Mobile Bidding

Mobile Bidding Playbook (Admins) - The best resource for any Administrator managing a Mobile Event.  Use it to plan from beginning to end.

10 Essential Steps for Mobile Bidding Success (Admins) - At the very least, you must review and comply by these 10 steps during a Mobile Bidding Event.

Mobile Bidding Volunteer Training Video - At only 5 minutes, this video is a MUST-WATCH for all administrators and volunteers who will be working the Mobile Bidding Event.

Mobile Bidding Guide for Volunteers - Also a must-review for all those working at a Mobile Bidding Event. This is the "owner's manual" for the mobile bidding site with explanations for all the buttons and possibilities.

Print Materials for a Mobile Bidding Event - These PDFs require you to type in your Mobile URL before printing.

Mobile Bidding How-To Handout (Quadrant, 4 to a page) - Have these printed and available at check-in and throughout the silent auction area for quick reference.

Mobile Bidding How-To (Single Sheet) - Add this page in your program or print it on a poster for display.

Mobile Bidding How-To Table Tent - Make sure each table has a reference to Mobile Bidding using this Table Tent template.

Readying the Platform and Closing Out

Review the Mobile Bidding Event Checklist as well as the Playbook above to make sure everything is set up correctly in your platform.

Review the Close Out Steps for a Mobile Bidding auction.


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